The kit is composed by n°2 61803 (17x26x5 mm) hi-performance sealed bearings

Kit compatible with the following Carbon-Ti hubs:

  • X-Hub ROAD SP Front
  • X-Hub SL Disc Front
  • X-Hub SL Disc QR12
  • X-Hub SL Disc QR15
  • X-Hub SL Boost 110
  • X-Hub SL X-RS-1
  • X-Hub SP Center Lock QR12
  • X-Hub SP Disc Front
  • X-Hub SP Disc QR12
  • X-Hub SP Disc QR15
  • X-Hub SP Boost 110
  • X-Hub SP X-RS-1
Brand Carbon-Ti
Product Category Hubs Spares
Carbon-Ti Components Hub Spares