Riders that spend the majority of their time on dirt will appreciate the volume and traction offered by a 45c tire. Gravel-oriented frames achieve the necessary tire clearance by thinning and lengthening the seatstays and chainstays, and widening the opening in the fork legs. The resulting increase in frame deflection paired with the vibration absorption and traction from larger tires make light work of rough roads even as they render the ADHX 45 less suited to asphalt.


A 45c tire has roughly three times the volume of a 28c tire and about 65% more than a 38c version. More volume allows lower air pressures and better traction, increased comfort and more stability. Additionally, the more aggressive tread patterns available in larger sizes further contribute to grip on uncertain terrain. It might seem that any bike would ben - efit from larger tires and this is true to an extent. But consider that a large tire weighs a great deal more than a small - er one and the taller sidewalls deflect more, contributing to a vague feeling over hard surfaces. Additionally, drive - train compatibility is reduced as wide tires, chainrings and front derailleurs all compete for the same space.


Dyneema® has been making headlines in the cycling news for a few years now, but to date very few manufacturers have been able to incorporate this advanced material in their products. Most brands are restricted to common prepreg sheets offered by large carbon suppliers, and the high temperatures used for curing prepreg frames is above the recommended maximum for Dyneema® fibers. The tight profitability of commodities dictates that unique or expensive products that are not in wide demand are simply not worth producing. TIME is different. Because we weave our own braided carbon structures (BCS) we have been able to test strands of sustainable Bio-Based Dyneema® fibres since they first became available from DSM. Additionally, the lower resin temperature of the RTM injection process is well within the recommended range.


Google Maps can’t figure out where you are most of the time
What appears to be a vicious sock tan wipes off with a wet washcloth
You know exactly where that Forest Service road connects, and HIGHLY recommend it
You don’t own a pump gauge that goes past 60psi

Brand TIME Bicycles
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.190m
Shipping Height 0.640m
Shipping Length 1.050m
Shipping Cubic 31.920000000m3
Type Time Bicycle Framesets